A Woman’s Greatest Challenge

This post stems from my own personal biases. I very much recognize that.

The thing is, the title of one of Huffington Posts most recent articles is frustrating. It reads, “Motherhood is a Woman’s Greatest Challenge.”

The thinking that motherhood is a woman’s greatest challenge is limiting (and inaccurate).

A woman’s greatest challenge can vary. Perhaps one woman’s greatest challenge is the loss of a loved one.


Her education.

Her relationship.

Her career.

Having a career and children.

When will we realize that every woman is different and that every woman’s experiences and challenges are different?

For some, motherhood is the greatest challenge. That should be respected. But for others, motherhood is not the greatest challenge and that should be respected as well.



3 thoughts on “A Woman’s Greatest Challenge

  1. Thank you!

    I think my greatest challenge as a woman has been surviving the ongoing threat of violence from men. I’ve survived multiple rapes and a homicide attempt because apparently a lot of men think committing violence against women is fun.

    I can’t imagine bringing a child – boy or girl – into a world like this, but it’s something I’ll never have to worry about, in part, because of the violence done to me.

    I looked at the article you referenced, the woman discussed there looks like someone from a very privileged background. I don’t know, of course, but the pearls just kind of scream that she lives in another world from the one I’ve had to live in.


  2. Really appreciate this article. I am sick of the overarching generalizations about how womanhood is defined. We set up a society that discredits fatherhood in this very strange way.


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