Rape & Custody Battles

Did you know, in Ohio, if a woman is raped and decides to keep the child, her rapist has the legal right to sue for custody and visitation rights?

Yes, you read that right. (And unfortunately, Ohio is not the only state.)

The absurdity of this law came to light when the rapist of Amanda Berry requested visitation rights of the child she became impregnated with during the time she was held in captivity and repeatedly raped.

Senator Nina Turner is heading a bill to put an end to the parental rights of rapist to children who are conceived during rape. Luckily the bill has bi-partisan support and support from both pro-choice and pro-life groups.

P.S. If you are raped, Ohio (and many other states) still require a waiting period before having an abortion. Yeah, even if you’re raped.

If you’re still wondering why we need feminism, please reread.

Heard on: NPR


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