Nips Are Nips!


Why are women’s breasts considered inherently sexual, while men’s are not?  The only difference is that female nipples sit on top of a mound of fatty tissue (some women barely even have that, and some men have more fat in their breasts than some women!).  Men’s breasts even have the ability to lactate!  So really, what’s the difference?

**Hint hint: the difference lies in society’s need to shame, subjugate and, ultimately, control the female body.


One thought on “Nips Are Nips!

  1. I have thought about this a lot ever since I had a baby and started breastfeeding. Those first few months with a newborn require A LOT of feeding (like every two hours, if not more), and I always felt so panicky when I went out in public that I would have to feel embarrassed if I ever had to “whip them out” to nurse. At the same time, I knew it was I shame I was feeling this. I desperately wished breastfeeding was just something that was accepted and normal. Life as a new mom would be so much easier! And why should any woman feel ashamed of feeding her baby?

    In the overly-sexualized world that we live in (where you basically see sexy boobs all over the place and no one seems to care much), I personally came to the conclusion that the shame connected with breastfeeding has nothing to do with “decency.” I think people don’t want to see nips that AREN’T sexualized. Real, natural, not-that-sexy boobs doing exactly what they are intended for…. ewwww please cover those up mam!

    Just my opinion.


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