Stop Whining that Feminists Don’t Care about Men

After reading the Matt Walsh blog post that E discussed in our last post, I had a thought and E said that I should share it with you all:

I’m really glad that feminism addresses men’s issues.  Feminism isn’t just about women anymore, it has evolved to be a movement that advocates for equality for all genders.  However, it seriously pisses me off every time some dude (like Matt Walsh) says, “What about men? Why don’t you feminists fight for our rights?”  Uhh… because WE, as in women, have been historically marginalized and underprivileged and maybe we’re still trying to rectify that?  And if you care SO much about men’s issues, why don’t you fight for them yourself instead of piling that onto us as we struggle for our own fledgling equality which we still haven’t achieved?

And the topper is that the people who say those things are so utterly misinformed that it’s just laughable — feminism IS fighting for men’s rights, even though a lot of men don’t even bother to fight for ours.



What are your thoughts?

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