Matt Walsh: feminist expert?

Matt Walsh wrote an open letter to liberal feminists today. I usually skim through his posts but this one really caught my attention. It caught my attention because there are, like, a billion (can’t write about Matt Walsh without hyperbole) inaccuracies in it. I mean, I understand it is an opinion blog…but the misinformation is staggering. Does he not have Google?

A few quotes from the post are below in red.


“First, the ugly insinuation that there’s something wrong with expecting girls to be ‘kind’ and ‘nurturing.’”

There is something wrong with expecting this. There is also something wrong with expecting boys to be “in charge” and “strong.” Socialization, if different for boys and girls, is sexist. We should be encouraging the positive qualities of our children whether or not they fit what is stereotypically expected.


“Second, there’s what has quickly become the absolute worst thing about liberal feminism (next to your unquenchable enthusiasm for infanticide): the complete dismissal and denial of the unique struggles of modern boys and men.”

First, there is a whole feminist movement against infanticide/gendercide and self proclaimed feminists who are pro-life (see below).

Second, Miss Representation, that crazy liberal feminist group, is actually making a video about this EXACT thing (“the complete dismissal and denial of the unique struggles of modern boys and men” could probably be a tagline for the film).


“Unfortunately, you aren’t apparently interested in attacking the institutions that do the greatest damage to these innocent girls.

If you sincerely intended to be warriors for femininity and champions of female empowerment, you’d dedicate almost all of your considerable resources to attacking our culture’s Unholy Trinity of Misogyny and Exploitation: pornography, Hollywood, and the abortion industry.”

Again…what? There is an entire anti-porn feminist movement, anti-Hollywood feminist movement, and even pro-life feminist movement.


Gale Dines, anyone? (Sociology and Women’s Studies Professor)

“Iceland is drafting legislation to limit access to violent porn. Stop Porn Culture has organized a letter of support signed by a global contingent of thought leaders, elected officials, NGOs, public health experts, scholars, authors, public figures, and human rights organizations from 17 countries.

That “crazy feminist” country Iceland, “believe that porn violates women’s civil rights, undermines gender equality, and that Icelanders have a collective interest in protecting their children from the predatory porn industry.” They are one of the first countries to take a stand against porn for FEMINIST (NOT religious) reasons.

Some of the signers include:

1. Gloria Steinem <—“crazy liberal feminist” who is actually referenced in his post
2. Roseanne Barr
3. Feminist Party of Germany


The claim that feminists are not waging a war against Hollywood is laughable.


The first problem here is the assumption that all feminists are pro-choice. There are very many pro-choice feminists, but there are also self-proclaimed feminists that are pro-life as well.


“If you had the courage of your own convictions, you’d wage your feminist crusade against these institutions.”

Looks like we are (see Gloria Steinem above). Additionally, feminists can express their convictions and wage their “crusade” in whatever way they choose. The freedom to do as we choose is kinda our “thing.”


“Does it make sense to treat a kid like a dangerous psychopath just because he got into a minor shoving match or — horror of horrors — a fist fight? This is how boys often express their aggression. Girls express it in more damaging and traumatizing ways. They spread gossip and rumors, they shun and ostracize other girls, and these acts can reverberate through a child’s life much further and deeper than getting pushed into a locker or punched in the nose.”

Boys and girls express their aggression differently because they are taught to do soThere is an entire academic community dedicated to researching this. Feminists are fighting to steer away from traditional gender roles and are attempting to help children learn to better express their frustration and aggression. Neither boys nor girls should be physically or emotionally abusive to another. Neither of those reactions are healthy or productive.


 “Here’s the good news: if you want equality under the law, you have it. You’re done. You can legally do everything a man can do.”

If the fight for equality is over, why have so many people found this video so profound?



If you’re going to read Matt Walsh, definitely make sure you do your own research as he obviously isn’t.



8 thoughts on “Matt Walsh: feminist expert?

  1. I had never seen that video at the end. I wish I had thought of that. So great.

    I have such a hard time gathering my thoughts about Matt Walsh. His logic is frustrating…because there isn’t any. He puts himself on his soapbox and spouts his narrow minded and incredibly ignorant ideas. And unfortunately, he has a gigantic, like minded audience. After reading his posts, instead of going on an angry tirade in the comments, I have to repeat the mantra, “You can’t fix stupid. You can’t fix stupid. You can’t fix stupid.” I have hidden every single person who has shared his blog from my FB news feed. Can’t stand him.


  2. LIke the previous commenter, I too read Matt Walsh to understand those with differing views. When he posts on topics like this I find it difficult to know where to start with why I disagree. I appreciate your response to him here.


      1. He is definitely antagonistic and misinformed. He’s a blogger who gets paid for his hits, so of course he is going to make things as controversial as possible. I don’t read his blog often, just every once in a while if he’s writing about something that it particularly important to me. I think it’s important to understand the arguments of people who have opposing views, but you bring up a good point — it’s not really even worth listening to people with opposing views if they are misinformed, antagonistic and unwilling to consider other perspectives.

        I think of his blog kind of like reality television… It’s just so bad that you can’t help but watch the trainwreck unfold. haha. BUT I do try not to click on his blog too often because I don’t want him to get the hits 😉



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