I’m a feminist, why aren’t you?

Without feminism, the world would be a different place:

Women would not be able to own or manage property in their own name

Women would not be able to engage in business without the consent of their husbands.

Women would not be able to vote, even in school meetings.

Divorce would not be possible, even on the grounds of cruelty.

In China, foot binding would still be a thing.

Women would not have control over the money they earned.

Women would not be legal guardians of their child if they were not married.

A woman would be paid differently than a man for doing the exact same work.

It would still be legal to not hire a woman simply because she was a woman.

Federally funded programs would receive funding based on the sexes of the participants.

Why we still need feminism:

Because of the media:

Because of the way women are discussed in the news:


Because just in the last month I know of a woman who was assaulted and raped to the extent that she required hospitalization and stitches. 

Because victim blaming is still a thing.

This is why I am a feminist.



4 thoughts on “I’m a feminist, why aren’t you?

  1. In the conservative media video, all those people are chumps. But I would like to defend John Stossel. He is not a chump, and what he was explaining was not given a chance. There has been extensive research done by economists that actually prove what he was saying. He isn’t being sexist.


    1. I really do like John Stossel. I am honestly curious about the research though. Does it account for the appointments, ultrasounds, and hospital visits that go into a pregnancy? Should women be charged more for these visits even though the child also belongs to a man? Also, if men do not go to the doctor as often, are their illnesses/diseases typically more advanced when they are found? Does this cause an increase in the amount spent on the treatment? Do you have a link to the research? Honestly curious, no snark 😉


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