Google Shows Support for LGBTQ Olympians


We love Google’s subtle but strong support of LGBTQ individuals’ right to participate in the Olympics!

Let us know your thoughts on this year’s Olympic games. Are you planning to watch or has all of the controversy dampened your spirit?



One thought on “Google Shows Support for LGBTQ Olympians

  1. I have been watching the Olympics, because I always do. But it just doesn’t feel the same. I mostly watch for figure-skating. I have been obsessed with it since I was a little girl. And my boyfriend loves the snowboarders. He snowboards, himself. I have watched a little of it with him, and it is really awesome. The athletes are so talented. And it is such a shame. I also actually recently read that one of the snowboarders (I believe from the US, but possibly a Canadian boarder) has a Pussy Riot-themed snowboard. Talk about controversy! I just can’t bring myself to completely boycott because I want to support the athletes who I admire. But I feel a general sadness inside, and watching the opening ceremony which was so full of Russian culture and history last night made me feel generally empty. I just can’t think of Russia now without thinking of the human rights violations. I feel horrible for all the people in Russia who are part of the LGBT community. I really hope they get better leadership after Putin.


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