Biggest Loser Finale: Who’s to Blame?

Since the reveal of the contestants at The Biggest Loser finale on Tuesday night, there has been a lot of talk about the ethics of the show and the health of the contestants involved.  The show’s winner, Rachel Fredrickson, shocked the audience and trainers alike when she she weighed in at 105 pounds — a 60% loss from her original weight of 260 pounds.  Keeping in mind that the show only spans a 7 month period of time, many are questioning how healthy this weight loss could be for Fredrickson.

While some are blaming Fredrickson herself, claiming that she went too far, others are calling into question the extreme methods of the show itself which seems to be a potential breeding ground for eating disorders and unhealthy weight loss.

In an article on Jezebel, Erin Gloria Ryan asserts, “[T]he veil has been lifted, and whoever is in charge of the show’s public relations is going to have a tough time spinning this one to fans who have suddenly, shockingly had to face the truth: that The Biggest Loser was never the inspiring movement they wanted it to be. That it was an unhealthy, exploitative pile of garbage all along.”

Let us know your thoughts on this controversy!


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