Abortion rates the lowest since 1973

Abortion rates are lower than ever since it’s legalization, and you can thank your birth control! The authors of the research have suggested that contraceptives and better adherence to contraceptives during tough economic times have caused the decline.  They did not attribute the decline to anti-abortion laws.



2 thoughts on “Abortion rates the lowest since 1973

  1. Interesting data. It’s nice to see the effects of birth control on things like this. Naturally, the whole idea behind contraceptives is to prevent pregnancy, but I think it’s also worth considering it as a method of “abortion prevention.”
    We’ve all heard someone say that “abstinence is the most effective form of birth control.” Sure, you can’t get pregnant if you’re not having sex — duh, but where is the harm in being on some sort of contraceptive anyways (What about that girl who has chosen abstinence but is raped? Wouldn’t the whole situation be a little less traumatizing if you weren’t worried about carrying your rapist’s child?)? I’ve heard the religious arguments about how contraception is a sin, but don’t different sins have different weights? Maybe I’m wrong, but I would think that preventative contraception is a way lesser sin than what an abortion is considered (since many different faiths view the practice as nothing less than murder).
    But I don’t want to start a religious debate or an abortion debate, really. I don’t think anybody is pro-abortion. Pro-choice people don’t wake up in the morning with glee knowing that someone is getting an abortion today. I don’t think anyone really takes the practice lightly, it’s a serious decision and not one that anyone really celebrates. So I think this data is showing that a good thing is happening here in the U.S. I think people on both “sides” of the debate can appreciate that this data shows a decline in abortions in our country. This means that more people are practicing “safe sex”, less fetuses are being aborted/”murdered” and (also, a good thing in my opinion) the stigma surrounding contraception is decreasing. This data shows progress and that’s what feminism is all about.


    1. I completely agree! Hopefully more research like this will be done to show people that birth control and good sex education is the way to fight abortion — not anti-abortion laws and abstinence programs.


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